All accounts to access the GAT IT Systems are created automatically. The IT Service Desk team have no methods for creating accounts manually.

Accounts are created by a system called IDaaS.  This process runs every evening and takes the information contained within SIMS to create the accounts ready for the following day.

Therefore, when you have a new student join your tutor group or class please speak with the Data Manager or who ever looks after your MIS for your Academy. They will have inputted the student's information into SIMS or will be doing shortly. Once this is done, they often have access to a Portal to retrieve the account information for you. There is often other staff on site that have this access also.

They can also reset passwords and print off login cards that can be given to the Students.

There is an exception for Nottingham Academy staff: Please contact service desk directly for account queries currently as there is no nominated IDAAS contact on site. If you would like to be able to access student accounts easily and quickly, get in touch!