Sadly it's not up to the IT Team to give you a new laptop. This is down to your school and all you can do is suggest it to your Principal or Head of Department. We'll be happy to get them a quote if they ask for one.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do to alleviate some of the slowness:

  • Keep fewer windows open or minimised.
    • The more programs you open the more your laptop will need to work. When you've finished with something close it completely rather then minimising it.
  • Shut down your laptop before moving.
    • This is more important when travelling between schools and home.

    • Just closing the lid on your laptop before picking it up and moving location might be quicker but it will do your old laptop no favors. By doing this your putting the laptop into sleep mode which means when it wakes up it will use more system resources remembering everything.
    • Computers store data when you close programs, this is kept in case you want to open the program again. However, for older machines this leads to them having less memory for the tasks your actually doing. 
    • Therefore the longer your laptop spends either on or in sleep mode the less resources it will have for what your actually working on.
    • Shutting down and booting up again takes time. However, when your in your new location your laptop will connect straight to the nearest wireless point without having to spend time thinking where it is. 
  • Restart regularly. 
    • Similar to the above, the longer your laptop stays on the more resources it uses to remember everything. 
    • Eventually it will run out of memory and this is when it starts slowing down. 
    • Rebooting frees up this memory and keeps your older laptop running faster whilst your using it.

If your new laptop is someway off and despite doing all this your still having problems then raise a ticket to let us know. We can carry out a full rebuild of Windows which will make things better for you shorter term.