SIMS in School

When you need to take a register and SIMS isn't working it can be very annoying and sometimes stressful. However, before you go reaching for that paper register here's a couple of easy tips you can try.

First, try restarting your computer.

We know the old 'Turn it off and on again' line is often seen as a joke. However for SIMS, many issues are caused by things not connecting correctly. There's a long winded way of refreshing these but a restart is the easiest way to do so.

Next, use Emerge.

This might be seen as the lighter version of SIMS. However, if all your needing to do is take a register then Emerge is up to the task.

If neither of those help then take a screenshot of your error and send it to the Service Desk and we'll be happy to assist. A screenshot is best as all those long error codes mean nothing to the majority of us. 

SIMS when working remotely

Unfortunately SIMS stability when working from home, away from a trust site can be very unreliable which is why it is not supported for use in this way. We are aware that SIMS typically does work when working from home but there are occasions where it will not. Remember, Emerge will give you access to a lot of data which may be sufficient for what you need if you have a class assigned.
A number of factors can contribute to this:
  1. Settings on the home router
  2. Restrictions with your home Internet Service Provider
  3. Bandwidth available on your home connection