There are various errors you'll get when attempting to login. Here's some of the most common and a couple of basic things you can try to overcome them:


The error above is caused by your machine not being connected to the network.

For a laptop, this is usually due to the wireless not being connected. Check that the laptop is not in flight mode.

For a desktop, this will be due to a problem with the network cable. You can try unplugging and plugging it back in. 

If neither of those work, ask Patch to log you a ticket and we'll look into it for you.

Password Incorrect

To some extent, this could be self explanatory. However, it could still be caused by your laptop.

First, check that you've inputted both your username and password correctly. It's easy to mistype and get the wrong key.

If your getting an error on one specific laptop it's possible that you've not brought it onsite for sometime. The password will be 'incorrect' because the laptop is remembering an older password. This is similar to the below error.

If your getting this error on every machine then you need to get your password reset. Speak with your Data Manager and they can reset your password with IDaaS. If that doesn't work then you'll need to give us a ring on 5050 in order to ask for a password reset.

Trust Relationship

If your getting this error then your machine has been deleted from the system. Sadly, there's nothing that you'll be able to do with this. Get Patch to log you a ticket and we'll be on hand to sort it for you.