The table below explains the default storage and backup settings attributed to a staff or student OneDrive, Team or Class Team.


Storage Area Size Recycle Bin Second Stage Recycle Bin 3rd Party Backup
Personal Staff OneDrive 10GB

Personal Student OneDrive > KS3 10GB

Personal Student OneDrive < KS3 10GB

Academy Team
(e.g., Finance, SLT, Data, English and created by IT)
Dependent on
parent Group

If Team has not
been renamed
Class Team
(e.g., "Class 1A", Created from a class in SIMS)*

* - Class Teams have an auto recovery feature. Students are auto-populated once a day and the data is archived at the end of the academic year.

The backup options are as follows:

Recycle Bin - Held for 30 days during which time it can be restored by the user. If the Recycle Bin occupies more than 10% of the quota, it could automatically empty more quickly.  

Second Stage Recycle Bin - Data can be restored by the user and is permanently deleted after 30 days following deletion from first-stage Recycle Bin.

3rd Party Backup - Data that is at least 24 hours old will be automatically backed up to the 3rd party. It can only be restored by Service Desk, for which 3 days notice is required.


Requests for restoring data can be logged here: Restore Data Request 

You can see how to access both of your Recycle Bins in the "Deleting files from the Recycle Bin" article. If you need further assistance to identify how space is used, please log a case with the Service Desk, using our Support Portal.