1. To open Microsoft Store you can search for it by typing the word store or Microsoft Sto in the Search bar  :



2. If you are signed in skip to step 4. If not, login with your Trust email address and you will be presented with this Window:


3. Click Yes and you will be shown this Window:


4. Once finished, you will be logged in to Microsoft Store:

5. Click Show All, and click on the app you want to install:


6. Click install:

If you don’t see the application you want, email servicedesk@greenwoodacademies.org to request it.  

You will be asked to fill in a Privacy Impact Assessment, PIA for short, IT will complete the assessment and Alison Hope will approve before we can make it available to you.




During the process you might be presented with the below false positive error message, it relates to Microsoft Intune. Click Continue and you will be signed in.