Left click on the search icon  next on the windows bar and type in ‘software center’ or if your device has been updated 'Company Portal': 


Afterwards press enter to open the application. You will be presented with a page similar to the image below: 

NB: Visible applications vary to site-to-site and depend on software availability and licence. 

Once you have located the application you wish to install you can double click on the application’s icon to load into the next menu.  


Once loaded you will have the option to ‘install’ the application onto your device. If you click on this a status progress will appear showing you the progress of the install.  

Once it has completed the status will show as ‘installed’ and will have the option to ‘reinstall’ instead. Similar to the image below: 


Please note that this window can be minimised in the background as you continue to work as normal. Do have in mind that many applications will need a restart done first before they can start being used.