Microsoft Stream stores videos recorded via Teams and other locations. You can access Stream by adding the Tile to your Airhead Launchpad or by navigating to  

Microsoft Stream allows for videos to be secured with a combination of permissions at the video level, group membership, and settings of a group. 

You can easily allow anyone in the business to view your video by doing the following - 

Click on the 'three dots - ... ' below the video you want to share

From here, you can then select, "Allow everyone in your company to view this video"

When checked everyone in your organization can see the video and is able to add it to their groups and channels. This in effect makes your video available for viewing by all Students and Staff in the Trust.

The Shared with field is where you determine more specifically who can view/own your video and which groups/channels the video is a part of.

Use the search drop down list to narrow your search scope and pick who you want to share your video with.

  • My groups - search scope to add your video to a group that you can contribute to

  • Channels - search to add your video to a channel directly, including company wide channels

  • People - search to grant permission to individual people, AD Security Groups, and/or Office 365 Groups