The instructions below will help you install GEN2.1 on your laptop. Please, only use this guide when you are at an Academy. The upgrade will not work from home.

1. Click the Start button and search for "Software Center" then click the Software Centre icon

2. Once Software Center has loaded click on Operating Systems, then click on GEN 2.1 Upgrade

Do you use an encrypted USB pen drive? Make sure you have read USB Encryption in GEN2.1 before proceeding. Also, don't forget your favourite websites are better off saved in Airhead. See Managing Favourites for more details.

3. Click install on the pop-up window



4. You will now see the following pop up



5. The upgrade has now started, and your device will complete the upgrade.



6. Once the upgrade has completed, please make sure you can restart and login before you leave site. This will make sure you will be able to use the laptop at home.