Dataimpact (KiLearning) is fed by data from SIMS. This is also true for staff.

Therefore, all staff are already listed in but need a licence assigned if they want to access it. A licence is based on their 365 account, so effectively, KiLearning works by helping SIMS shake hands with 365. There is also a report in Power BI to which they will want access. If someone asks for Dataimpact, give them Power BI too. Do a standard change and add them into GAT_DATAIMPACT Primary. One change is suitable for multiple requests if required.

To grant a licence in

Click your avatar, select a school then “Set”. Once loaded, click “Assign Licences”.

To assign a licence, simply enter their email address in “Username” and click ‘Save’. That’s it! Only set them as a School Admin if someone has said it’s ok. Principal, SLT or maybe Tash if they’ve gone to her about it. At least at the front-end, there is no difference between normal and admin users. All users can see all data for their school.


 Multi-school is straightforward. If someone is authorised to access multiple sites, find their ‘home’ site, click ‘Multi-School’ and you’ll see how you can just add on more, then click save. However, you will need to log it with support if they want to see all schools in Power BI.

Once you've added them to the GAT_DATAIMPACT Primary group, they will be able to access the Power BI reports, via the workspace. They access the workspace from the left hand side menu. If they're thrown by the number of options, tell them to click the name of the group at the top of the screen and it will show them the three reports.