If you are receiving frequent random popups in the lower right corner of your screen such as the image below, these are typically Google Chrome notifications. These are from websites that have been given permission to send you updates from them, for example Outlook can inform you that you have a new email without you keeping the tab open.

If you find these notifications are becoming too annoying or distracting you can disable them by following the steps below:

1. First open the settings page on Google Chrome (shown in the image below)

2. Once the settings page is open, enter "notifications" in the blue search bar and Site settings

3. Scroll down and select Notifications 

4. Under the allow section you can remove the notifications that are popping up by selecting the 3 dots then selecting Block or Delete

5. You can prevent site from asking to send notifications by turning off "Sites can ask to send notifications", however if you are using Teams or Email notifications from the web browser then it may stop them too.